3 Best Image Managers for Devices | Best Photo management tools

An image is the central organizing element of any communication. A good picture can help you
capture your audience’s attention and interest, as well as make your content more engaging.
Lots of people are using online image managers to display photos from their digital camera, but
some people don’t know that there are other apps out there that can help you create great
looking images for your website or app.
Image Management is a very important task. Most of us use our phone or tablet as a screen,
therefore it’s essential to have an image management app that helps in managing images.
These image managers are not only useful when you’re working on your phone but also at
home with your laptop. There are a lot of good image managers out there. Having tried many, I
am writing this article to provide some insights into the best ones out there.
digiKam is a really complete and advanced open source image manager. It is simple and
pleasant to use and is one of the few to offer face recognition functionality. It also includes
features to share directly on several social networks, but also to create an image gallery in
HTML. It also allows you to geotag photos and edit them. The only downside (because you
need one), its advanced features result in many rather heavy menus that require some time to
adapt to be used at best.
PhotoDirector is a free software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, rather famous for the
photo editing features it has, but which nevertheless integrates a nice to use and fluid photo
collection manager.
From the Library menu, the user is able to import all the photos from their hard drive or from an
external device in 2 clicks. It is possible to add keyword tags but also face tags, thanks to the
facial recognition system. It is of course possible to create albums, add markers for your favorite
photos and display your images in different display modes (thumbnail, list, mosaic, etc.).
Irfanview’s interface is less modern than its competitors but it has the advantage of being simple
and above all, of launching and generating a slideshow in 2 clicks. In terms of photo
organization, Irfanview takes care of the essentials with a sorting system by date, folder, album,
Several display modes are available and an internal search engine allows you to easily find your
photos. No identification of portraits by visual recognition but a system of batch conversion of
file formats, editing and retouching tools, a module for adding watermarks and some additional
options make Irfanview interesting for managing your photos.

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