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Remote work has become essential during periods of confinement and has finally proven to be an advantageous alternative for employees and companies. Indeed, the last prejudices about teleworking have been swept away and everyone has been able to see that software solutions exist to increase productivity while staying at home. Meetings can be done by videoconference and collaboration between teams has become easier with shared documents.

Google Drive

Google Drive is probably one of the most well-known and widely used online document storage tools. This service includes the online office tools Google Docs , Sheets and Slides , or Drawing. It is thus possible to share files or work on them collaboratively. The free license provides 5 GB of storage space and for companies requiring more space, Google Workspace is available to them.


OneDrive is the Microsoft equivalent of Google Drive. It generally offers the same functionalities: creation and deletion of files, sharing of photos and videos and consultation of shared documents. Here too, it is possible to work collaboratively on any type of office file from Windows or a smartphone (Android, iOS), thanks to the online version of Microsoft Office. You will also be able to take advantage of other online application services such as a photo editing tool, note taking, access to your Live messaging account, etc.You can get upto 5GB free space.


Dropbox is both an online document storage service and the name of the software that interfaces between your computer and this service. If the free version offers 2 GB of storage space, it is possible to increase this capacity up to 100 GB with the paid offer. As usual, it is then possible to share the stored documents. Its main advantage lies in its powerful automatic synchronization system which allows the files contained in the DropBox folder on your computer to be transferred to your online space.

Solutions for sharing documents


WeTransfer is a file sharing and transfer service that does not require an account creation or online registration. The free version can transfer files up to 2 GB in size with file availability for 7 days. The paid version, WeTransfer Plus, requires the creation of an account and allows you to increase this limit up to 20 GB and manage a cloud storage space of 1TB. The interface is intuitive and transfers are fast.


TransferNow is another file transfer service of all kinds (photos, videos and other office documents). Invited members are limited to 5 GB per transfer and 10 recipients per transfer. This limit increases to 50 GB per unlimited transfer per day, and 50 recipients per transfer, for Premium and Team members. Password protection can be set up as well as a file preview system.

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