How to Avoid the Modern Phishing | Stop online phishing

Phishing maintains a strong component of social engineering, so everything in its deception
infrastructure has been designed so that the user feels attracted , either with an irresistible
message or through visual deception to make them believe that they are on a secure page. .
Behind-the-scenes phishing , however, takes a beating . The trail of code that it leaves in its
wake leaves no doubt that something shady is going on behind that code, so it is time to let
computer security tools equipped with advanced antiphishing systems act .
All ESET security solutions in 2019 , both for computers and mobile devices, include an
advanced antiphishing system capable of detecting and blocking abnormal behavior when
loading web pages to detect when there is a real risk to user security. Even when the user
believes that he is totally safe on the PayPal, Google, Apple page or any other page or service
that may seem legitimate.
Suspicion continues to be a good weapon against phishing , especially when it is
accompanied by rules as basic as never using a shortened link or one that has been sent to you
to access a service.
That is, if you get a supposedly irresistible offer from Amazon or an unpaid bill for your
streaming video service, instead of accessing it from the attached link – which would probably
lead you to a phishing trap perfectly designed to fool your eyes –, it is best to open a new
browser window, find the page of the service or store, and look for the offer in it. If you can’t find
it, it’s probably because it was just a decoy to get your data.
First of all, a relevant fact must be highlighted. If you had a security solution with an antiphishing system installed on your computer, it would have already blocked the loading of this
page and warned you that it is a fraud, as well as a security risk and would keep you safe.
One of the first things to look at is the URL that appears in the address bar. In their laziness,
many cybercriminals don’t even bother to alter the original domain of the web page, which has
nothing to do with the domain of the page you are supposedly visiting.
ESET IT security solutions
ESET IT security solutions also include protection systems for online purchases and online
banking transactions . This online transaction protection system automatically launches a new
fully isolated and secure browser window in which you can insert your payment details when
making your purchases or bank transactions.
If the page you are on is not legitimate, the isolation system is not activated, a sign that it is a
hoax and the page you are on is not really that of your usual online store or that of your bank .

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