How to Clean Malware from Your Android Device | Clear Malware off my phone

Malware is the name given to viruses, spyware and other malware that often steal personal data from smartphones or other mobile devices. It is a major security issue on Android devices and it’s important to keep your device clean from these threats.

It is one of the biggest threats to Android users. We often have to deal with malware on our devices. It is a big problem for many people and it is also very expensive to fix. This article will tell you about how we can fix malware and get rid of them from our devices.

Go on a malware hunt

To avoid (or minimize the risk) of being exposed to malicious software, a few precautions are in order. First, download and install security updates regularly offered by the smartphone manufacturer. Then, only download applications from the Play Store (or Galaxy store) avoiding third-party platforms or installing from APK files.

Use Play Protect Tool

Google is supposed to perform a security check on apps in its store through the Play Protect tool before they are downloaded. And even detect those from other sources that could infect your smartphone. In practice, Google is not yet at the level of Apple and its App Store in terms of security, even if things are improving rapidly.

You probably won’t take any risks by downloading a known app, but it has happened that spoofed programs have escaped Google’s vigilance. You can also simply be infected by malware spread by a malicious SMS or email.

Several solutions are then available to you. Activate the offer – free or paid – that the manufacturer has installed on your smartphone. Or download an anti-malware application yourself. There are many, often offered by PC security software vendors. Some even exist in a free version such as Avira, AVG or Malwarebytes Security for Android. Be aware, however, that an application of this type will likely slow down your smartphone.

Have you followed all these tips and nothing works? You only have one solution left. You will have to save all your data on an external medium and reset your smartphone by restoring the factory settings. Open the S21’s Settings menu, go to Global Management, then Reset. Select Reset All Data , then press the Reset button . Depending on the brands, your password or your Google identifiers or those of the manufacturer may be required to finalize the manipulation.  

On the Pixel, open Settings. Go to the System menu, Advanced settings, Reset options and then select Erase all data (factory reset).

Files by Google, Cleaning According to Google

Google’s Files file manager on Pixels helps you do a deep cleanup on your smartphone, and the good news is that it works on other Android devices. It can thus be downloaded from the Play Store. It offers you to delete unwanted files with a single touch of your finger (this partially clears the cache of all your applications), to hunt for duplicates, large files or downloaded ones. It also offers synchronization with Google Photo and on-demand detection of dangerous applications, using Play Protect.

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