How to Connect Your Own VPN Network | Cyber security

The free Wi-fi access offered by restaurants, bars or public places is not safe. These networks are not encrypted. Anyone who is connected to it can intercept the data, usernames or passwords that you are sending by identifying yourself in your email account or social networks.

This implies that you use the open network as a vehicle to connect to your private VPN network and thus be able to browse with the same level of security as if you were doing it from home, since your laptop , smartphone or tablet connects directly to your network . private, isolating itself from the rest of the public network traffic.

Making an analogy, the open Wi-fi connection of a coffee shop would be like a highway for its customers to circulate on the Internet. But instead of traveling by bus, where you have no privacy and anyone can see who you are, know what you read or write, you travel comfortably in your own VPN vehicle , in which no one can see what you do, even if it is on the same road. (Wi-fi open).

Free VPN networks

There are companies that offer, among other services, free connection to VPN servers to protect your connections from public networks. You simply enter the server address, a username and password and start browsing.

Before connecting to the VPNBook servers, you need to know their connection details. Go to their web page and click on the PPTP tab. In this section, you will find the list of available servers, as well as recommendations for their use.

Write down the address of the server you want to connect to. Just below the servers, the username and password for access are also specified. Write them down too.

Try to Connect to a VPN network Using Ipad

If you are going to connect to a VPN network from an iPad or any other iOS device, access its Settings menu . Tap on General in the side panel, and in the middle box, look for the VPN entry .

Now, tap on Add VPN configuration. In the box that appears, tap on PPTP . Next, type in the connection details you noted down from the VPNBook page.

Then turn on the Send all traffic switch to direct all browsing data through this VPN. Finally, tap on Save .

When you’re done, turn on the VPN switch to connect to the VPNBook server to protect your privacy.

VPN connection from an Android app

Another simple way to connect to VPN networks and maintain your privacy is to do it from an app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

This app will take care of connecting to the VPN server , thus allowing private browsing in just a couple of taps on the screen.

After searching and installing the TunnelBear app on Google Play , launch the app. Create a free account with an email you have access to and a password. Later, confirm your account from the email that they have sent you to the email you have entered.

An Android prompt will ask if you want to give TunnelBear permission, and we must accept to start using it. Next, you just have to mark your destination at the bottom of the screen, and activate or deactivate the TunnelBear VPN server with the button located at the top. 

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