New Windows Tools You Must have this 2022 | Tools for windows

With the development of new technologies, many features have been introduced to improve and
speed up your work. One such feature is the software built into your computer – Windows.
Microsoft has made significant improvements to this software that could help you save time and
Revo Uninstaller: a quick tool to remove apps
The Windows uninstaller tool cannot always deal with the most recalcitrant applications.
Sometimes well hidden, sometimes (deliberately?) badly coded, some software leaves indelible
traces in the system. To end this kind of inconvenience, Revo Uninstaller continuously records
the changes made to the system to remove any application better. The free version of the
software, obviously less complete than the paid version, is nonetheless very effective.
Recuva: don’t lose your files anymore!
Very useful, this software will allow you to restore accidentally (sic) lost files. Recuva is to be
used quickly after you realize your mistake, or it will be almost impossible to recover your files. It
searches for and restores files that have been deleted from the recycle bin and images that
have been inadvertently deleted from a memory card or due to a bug.
Bitwarden: store all your passwords
Social networks, banks, public services, mailboxes. We have many accounts on the Internet.
And it’s not easy to remember every password. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid all costs by
using the same password. By doing so, all of your accounts will be exposed in the event of a
hack. To help you remember everything, there are very effective free password managers like
After downloading and installing it, all you have to do is create an account and choose a strong
key password that will allow you to access all of your registered credentials. It is also possible to
opt for two-step identification (by sending an SMS, an authentication application, or a security
key) for more security.
The GIMP: A great OpenSource tool to do everything with
your photos
You might as well know it right away; this software has a fantastic community of fans. And
rightly so. If it is one of the favorite image editing software of Internet users, it is because it is
one of the best free software available today. It is very rich in features and is constantly
evolving. In addition, The Gimp is equipped with scripts that propose to automate the most
recurring tasks. This program requires the installation of GTK+ and is unfortunately not very
suitable for beginners. But its possibilities are immense!
XnView: The essentials for viewing and converting
Here we present an advanced viewer. This software allows viewing and converting your images
(in nearly 50 different formats and whole batches). It also supports animated files, and you can,
of course, make many basic adjustments: cutting, adjusting brightness and contrast, applying
filters and effects, etc. Bonus: its slideshow mode is desirable.


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