Tips to Master Windows 10 | Mastering Windows 10

To better navigate Windows 10, here is a series of tips and tricks dedicated exclusively to
Microsoft’s new OS. Enough to keep your bearings, while benefiting 100% from the many
innovations of the operating system.
If you are jumping on the bandwagon and have never used Windows 10, remember that there
were many innovations in the first edition of the OS, then in the various updates that followed:
we now benefit from a new Start menu, a new module allowing you to configure the PC, a
new browser ( Microsoft Edge, which is now based on Google’s Chromium), the possibility of
managing several virtual desktops at the same time or even switching instantly from tablet mode
to classic PC mode (Continuum).

Still, if you have known the previous editions of Windows, the transition can sometimes seem a
bit rough and you can quickly find yourself totally lost in the middle of these new features and
those brought by the various updates that fade away over the months. To help you find your
way around, here is a series of tips and tricks dedicated to Windows 10. Enough to keep
your bearings, while benefiting 100% from the many innovations of the operating system.

How to remove all third-party software and other
bloatware at once on Windows 10?
3DBuilder, Flipboard, Microsoft Office, OneConnect, Skype, Zuneā€¦ By default, Windows 10 is
installed with a ton of useless and irritating software. However, there is a simple manipulation to
get rid of it and to optimize Windows 10 in a few clicks (which we do not recommend to the less

For this, we advise you to use this small open source program, the Windows 10 Debloater from
Sycnex. To use it, on the Github page, click on Code (in green) > Download zip > unzip the
program then right click on the PowerShell file you want to run and click on “Run with

Better control the display of Windows 10

Get back to the office easily
Got too many windows open and just want to get back to your desktop? Do the shortcut
Windows + D on your keyboard or simply click on the button at the bottom right of your screen,
on the taskbar (a kind of rectangle).
Open emojis
Did you know? Emojis aren’t just for smartphones. On Windows 10, you can open the emoji
menu by entering the shortcut Windows key +;.

How to activate night mode in Windows 10?
Windows 10 takes advantage of a new feature that mobile and macOS users are familiar with.
The night mode (or night lighting ) reduces the intensity of the bluish colors on the screen, in
order to soothe the user’s eye. The goal? Give him better sleep.
This feature is accessible from the Start button and the Settings > System > Display functions.
Then click Night Light Settings to adjust the night color temperature. Besides, this is where you
can set the time when Windows 10 goes into night mode.
By default, the system is based on sunset and sunrise times. But by clicking on Set hours, you
are free to choose at what time of the day the system should switch to night mode and back to
day mode.

How to switch from light mode to dark mode in Windows 10?
Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced a brand new “dark” display mode. This function is
still accessible within the Creators Update released in April 2017. To access it, using the right
mouse button, click in any empty place on the Desktop.
From Settings > System > Personalization, go to Colors in the left column of the window.
Check the Dark function. This display mode automatically adapts to all Windows Store
applications, without altering the environment of classic Windows software (x32 and x64).

Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft. It is more user-friendly and efficient
than its predecessor Windows 8. But, it can be complicated for those who are not used to the
new features. Here are some tips that will help you master Windows 10.

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