What are some best Utility software to install in 2022 | Best Softwares for Windows

We invite you to discover the best free software available on the Web several times a year.
Here is a selection of Windows programs that will allow you to take advantage of a totally free
and really powerful software library. Today’s Guide offers you to find the essential programs to
build your ultimate software library, complete and free!
We have tested all the programs presented here and have never detected the slightest
suspicious behavior or the slightest virus. However, we are not immune to small adware
(software that will broadcast advertising for other programs or online services). It could have
been slipped randomly from a new version of one of the software mentioned in this file and
could have escaped our monitoring tools.
PDFCreator: create a PDF without the hassle
As its name suggests, PDFCreator allows you to build PDF documents from text or image files.
It is simple and light to load.
WampServer: a complete tool to manage a website
directly from your home
WampServer is software, so the name stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. As you
will have understood, it will quickly prove to be very useful for managing your website since it
offers to find all the software concerned by these technologies in the same places, as well as
PHPMyAdmin or the lesser-known SQLITEmanager and Zend Optimizer.
TeamViewer: take control remotely
Take remote control of another machine through TeamViewer. The application turns out to be
very useful in helping a friend or a member of your family who is not doing well with his PC. You
can also use it to transfer files or control the home PC when you are on the move. Thanks to it,
it is even possible to work with several people on the same document and organize online
meetings since it tolerates up to 25 participants simultaneously.
Rufus: essential to start the system in the event of a hard
Rufus is a small program that allows you to start the PC directly on a USB key rather than on
the hard disk. Potentially very useful for troubleshooting a PC or even performing delicate
operations such as flashing a BIOS or installing a new OS.
SUMo: Keep your software in its latest version
To keep your software up to date, there is the “manual” way, which consists of visiting the
official sites of the applications concerned daily… And there is SUMo, which offers to do the
manipulation for you. This excellent free application thus detects the updates of the applications
that you have dragged and dropped into its interface.
It can support beta versions of the software you have selected if necessary. Guaranteed time
savings! Unfortunately, you now need SUMo PRO to be able to update directly from the
program. But it is nevertheless helpful for listing in a few seconds all your software that needs to
be updated (even if the update is manual). So it’s still a significant time saver for a small,
lightweight program.

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